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Posted on: October 28th, 2011 by Bily Foster No Comments

Watch out for this scam:


I really want you to be able to do those things you’ve always wished you could do.  You deserve everything. Now I’m nowhere close to as clever as you and i’m making more and more working under ten hours each and every week, at home.  Once you have it set up all the rest runs on its own.  All you need to do is check your mail and then cash all the checks.  Once I read through this post I just wasn’t able to avoid wanting to give it a try.  Finally I just bit the bullet and now I cannot get any happier. http://***  Whenever you get your very first check I may give you a couple of tricks so that you can make a whole lot more. Now i’m telling you of this 1st because you have earned this.  You’ve worked hard enough. Just don’t forget who mentioned it to you first!

Looking at the site it LOOKS like CNBC, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see the owner of the domain:

Svetlana Poltavceva
141090, Yubilejnyj, Leninskaya, 17, 43
Yubilejnyj, 141090

Moral of the story: If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t true. And double check your sources, if you need to you can use