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It’s Time For You to Change Your Password

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by Bily Foster No Comments

So I’m guilty of using the same password more than once and that’s very dangerous, however I do use a variety of variations but now I’m be able to do it a much easier way.

Password Haystacks.

Now the first time I heard about it I wasn’t paying much attention and I missed the beauty of how easy they are once you understand.

I’ve included a video from KABC-TV LOS ANGELES, CA, but here is the break down. The longer your password the harder it is to crack. It takes the cracking software longer to figure out. So the answer isn’t harder passwords to remember but ones with longer combinations of characters to hide the needle.

Example: D0g is the needle

Alone it would take an Online Attack Scenario (assuming one thousand guesses per second) 4.04 minutes to guess.

D0g…….. would take a the same Scenario approx 1.83 billion CENTURIES.

Adding more characters, makes it take longer. Makes perfect sense, so update your passwords ASAP! Keep in mind while the example starts with the password you can put the password anywhere in the haystack.  Here are a some different examples:


Thanks to Steve Gibson for his brilliant discovery.