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Posted on: October 28th, 2012 by 10 Comments

Can someone explain to me the purpose of Windows RT at this point?  When I went…

Can someone explain to me the purpose of Windows RT at this point?  When I went into the Microsoft store the only thing they could tell me is that it runs Netflix – well so does my 3 year old TiVo.  I went into the store with the intent of building a Surface but found out it can't really run anything, anyone who picked one up have anything different to report?

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  1. Mark Hopkins says:

    It runs nearly everything a Windows PC will run – not just Netflix. There are dozens of reviews out there that can tell you more detail.

  2. Bily Foster says:

    Windows RT DOES NOT run Windows PC programs from my understanding and reading are you saying that's not the case?

  3. Bily Foster says:
    "Unlike other Windows operating systems, it will only be able to run software that has been certified by Microsoft and placed in the Windows Store."

  4. Mark Hopkins says:

    Not all Windows PC programs will run on RT (vs Pro, which will run all PC programs)… but it certainly isn't limited to "just netflix." For developers, it's much easier to move a 7 or 8 program from Pro to RT than an OSX app to iOS… so you'll see a lot more apps there over time, in my opinion.

  5. Bily Foster says:

    Yeah so at this point it's not for consumers really, just early adopters and developers.  And I didn't say it was limited to JUST Netflix but it was the only they they could tell me it could do besides word and excel (no outlook evidently).

  6. Bily Foster says:

    No Steam, so no games that I've already purchased
    No Adobe so no Graphic and Web Editing
    No Media Player so not sure what I can watch on it, but I'm sure not the stuff I've purchased from Apple since there is no iTunes for it
    Maybe via browser to Amazon stuff but I didn't bother to check at this point

  7. Nate Behary says:

    Yeah, I'm not sure what they were thinking releasing RT as things are.   Netflix does amount to being the only Metro app I'd consider using on Windows 8, and barely at that.  (Google's is ok, but it's kinda like a weird Chrome that doesn't quite do everything yet….).

  8. From memory, RT is not just the new UI but the new windows architecture which I think is called metro. As such, everything has to come from the windows store and will be metro certified. Since it is designed for ARM, there should be significant speed gains on ARM (i.e. tablet) devices. There has been a lot of hoopla on the internet and in the games industry about Microsoft's new stance against release platforms like steam but this was to ensure it met said metro certification.

    As the windows store grows there should be your standard lieu of apps. A few developers (+Mike DiGiovanni) that I follow are getting a little excited about specifically writing for the metro platform because of certain metro interface features.

    In short, as more apps come online in the windows store you should see more capability. These apps are looking like they will have a lot of microsoft quality support. However, since it is an operating system revolution at msft (notice the trademark change?) a lot of pure metro stuff is incompatible with traditional x86 (windows 7 and older) apps. If you need that versatility then go with windows pro. That is why it is higher priced and more geared for the business user because large corporations are unlikely to rollout metro versions of their corporate software to be immediately usable on the new msft architecture.

    You should punch the msft employee in the junk who didn't take the time to explain it to you in detail.

  9. Traditionally every second Windows bombs. This seems like the next Vista. I don't want to deal with all that stress, so I'll be sitting this one out. They might iron out all the bugs for the next Windows release, but the question is, does Microsoft have a couple of years to fool around and get it right this time?

  10. Nate Behary says:

    +Super Smashing Namtastic  Actually 8 is nothing like Vista.  It's pretty great if you ignore Metro.  It's really not a huge improvement over 7 in that regard, though things, especially Chome oddly, seem faster and more stable.  Is that worth more than the $15 I paid?  I'm not sure.

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