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Posted on: September 6th, 2012 by 5 Comments

Amazon Scorecard:

* Kindle Fire HD: 1920×1200 screen, 16GB, $199 for 7in, $299 for 8.9in
* Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE: $499
* CNET preview: New Amazon tablets
* Kindle Paperwhite e-reader at $119
* Updated Kindle Fire: $159, available 9/14 (CNET preview)
* Kindle serials

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Amazon press conference
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5 Responses

  1. Lee Damon says:

    Maybe it's my bitter experiences from working for those (multiple expletives deleted) but I'm just not impressed by their abomination of an android "fork."

  2. Bily Foster says:

    yeah i'm worried that if i get one, it'll be like my current kindle fire i was all excited then disappointed after a while.  the lack of volume rocker drives me absolutely CRAZY and I feel like throwing it at the wall. 

    when they talked about having wifi issues, the only device that really has trouble with my wifi IS my kindle 😛

    the kindle fire is tied to my other disappointment the Bendi and is mostly used as my audio book stand/player when we go to bed (tied to an audio system so that I can actually CONTROL the volume) 

  3. Tim Bond says:

    No volume buttons? what the what? Didn't everyone learn from Apple leaving those off of iPod touch v 1.0? 

  4. Bily Foster says:

    my first gen iPod touch had a volume rocker, only my Kindle Fire didn't have that.  The new LARGER Kindle Fire HD has volume rocker now but the refreshed 7" don't 😛

  5. Tim Bond says:

    Oh – i remember the first one not having any button other than the power button.  Seemed a huge oversight when I handled them… but I didn't buy one until 2nd generation, so I might be misremembering. (this page is one of several that indicates that the 1st gen did not have buttons:

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