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Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by 1 Comment

My two cents on #Chick-Fil-A and todays lines

My two cents on #Chick-Fil-A and todays lines. I expected as much. Someone asked me what patriotism means to me, and I responded. "To love my country even when it doesn't love me back" today is an example of that.

Today played out exactly as I had expected. People think they are standing up for "freedom of speech' but it's not and I'm not here to debate that. But in a country that relies on Cher to be the bullhorn on getting armor to the Men and Women we send to war, I don't really expect most of this country to understand this isn't about chicken either.

Can we now move on?

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One Response

  1. Matt Redding says:

    It's sad but Cher seems to feel obligated to explain to her young fans that rights she thought her generation had secured are being eroded. And at least someone is telling them that. But yeah today I went to … McDondald's.

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