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Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by 3 Comments

From a friend of mine:

Seriously, folks – if you think stuffing your face with chicken makes you some kind of hero? You're an idiot.

Bigotry is as bad as racism. If you cheer people who are supporting bigotry? You're as bad as someone who calls out you or those you love with racist slurs.

That said, if you expect some corporate CEO to share your ethics & beliefs? You're a naive fool.

For better or worse, corporations are in it for the money. If a CEO angers millions of potential customers by inserting their own personal beliefs in front of their responsibilty to their shareholders, that CEO is committing professional malpractice, and should be removed immediately.

Wanna be a rock star? Fine. Be a rock star. 

Wanna be a successful CEO? STFU and leave the fame to the rock stars.

As for my fellow members of the media: WTH are you doing wasting this much time, energy, ink & pixels on this when there are so many more truly important stories to cover? Put down the sammich, get off your asses, and go do some real journalism.

This concludes my vent for the night.
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