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Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by 1 Comment

My latest post at Brad's Blog! Following up on my #nexus7  http://www.brad…

My latest post at Brad's Blog! Following up on my #nexus7

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Brad's Blog | Nexus 7 Redux
Okay I am completely torn up over the whole situation. It's like that significant other you really, really, really love. But they're crazy and you just can't be with them. Google and ASUS makes for a …

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  1. Tim Bond says:

    Funny that you mention wanting a 10" Jelly Bean tablet now. I gave my partner my slow Toshiba 10" Honeycomb dual-core tablet after my quad-core Nexus 7 blew me out of the water with it's speed and responsiveness.   I bought the 10" tablet for classes because I read so many scanned-in journal articles since panning/scanning was near impossible on my nook color (slowish with very poor touch screen responsiveness), but I feel comfortable that I can use the 7" screen and pan/scan to read scanned in journal pages.  BUT, I think I'm going to want a fast, buttery Jelly Bean 10-incher before long.*

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