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Posted on: July 28th, 2012 by 10 Comments

#nexus7replacement  So anyone who had to swap out there #nexus7 isn't the backup…

#nexus7replacement  So anyone who had to swap out there #nexus7 isn't the backup at LEAST suppose to save your settings for each app?  I know I'm new to Android but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to actually RESTORE something.

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10 Responses

  1. Same here… I heard it is possible, but don't see it happening

  2. Lee Damon says:

    Since there's really no good automated way for the OS to know what's important, each app has to decide what it saves — including settings.  Android makes it possible, it's up to the dev to actually do it.

  3. Bily Foster says:

    ah so it's available but not implemented in most cases?  At this point it's really been like setting up a whole new device 😛

  4. Kashif Riaz says:

    There are methods like Nandroid backup which take current snapshot of everything in the device. I never had to restore myself so far so don't know the exact procedure but if you search here in g+, you would find it. I can ask +***** or +Derek Ross for quick reference on it.

  5. James Mason says:

    What kind of backup did you take before returning your old device?

  6. Bily Foster says:

    Hey +James Mason I still have the old device so I can do whatever backup you can recommend!

  7. James Mason says:

    A few apps will already have saved their preferences in Google's cloud or can be told to save to "sdcard", which you can copy.  This won't get you much…

    If you want everything, there are a two choices.  Both are fairly technical, and involve installing some of the Android SDK tools on your computer.  Which choice you take depends on if you have rooted (or at least unlocked the bootloader) on your old device.  If you haven't unlocked the old device, don't do it now as that step will erase everything on it.

    So before we go any further: did you unlock or root the old device?

  8. Bily Foster says:

    I didn't unlock or root the device I just loaded up what I could via Google Play and Amazon App store.  But at this point it's okay I've gotten what I wanted loaded over.  I just thought the idea was that you could back up your device (or at least apps) pull them down and not have to re-configure.

    I guess Android still has ways to go 🙁

  9. Kashif Riaz says:

    +James Mason doesn't Titanium Backup does that easily?

  10. James Mason says:

    +Kashif Riaz – Yes it does, but it requires root.

    +Bily Foster – Without root, there is still a way to get most of your settings. You need to enable "usb debugging" on your phone, install the Android self sdk (or at least the adb program and drivers) and use the "adb backup" and "adb restore" commands.

    Let me know if you're interested.

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