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Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by No Comments

Great read!

Great read!

Reshared post from +Jack Hurley

The disposable world as we know it .. One Apple at a time.

10 days ago I discharged a full cup of tea onto my Macbook Air 13, it was a case of my baby dropping a heap of stuff on his head from the table or me dropping my tea in a hurry onto our kitchen table.

I chose the latter 🙂

So, Device was in Batt mode with no external power and screen went black. I tipped the device upside down and proceeded to watch a waterfall erupt from the keyboard..

I did the usual… no power, room dry, 3 days.. I then jumped on a plane and flew to the nearest Mac store in Sydney Australia. The reason for the personal appearance is the need to recover some "un synced to the cloud" shit that was needed for a project.

Saw the Mac Genius, normal routine – Oh no, liquid oh my, Here is the SSD, and then proceeded to usher me out the door with a 10% discount on a new Mac.. right

I then flew home and ordered an enclosure that could read the SSD and got to thinking.. mmm I might try me one of those dodgy Ebay liquid repair schemes.. so $200 bucks later and my Macbook Scair was now flying back to Sydney to see what the go was..

Which brings me to today..

Dodgy Dude : Hello is this the guy with the dead laptop.
Me: Yes it is Mate.. Ok whats the deal? How fucked am I
Dodgy Dude : 1 Cent
Me: ok.. do  go on my new best mate!
Dodgy Dude : Yeah out of all that!  The damage done was 2 white telltale stickers went red and a 1 cent capacitor needed changing out..
Me: Fuck Apple

I paid the guy $200 which included $60 in priority freight. I am happy and will still buy Apple shit. 

The Lesson?

Don't accept a NO off the guy that can't say YES!

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