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Posted on: July 21st, 2012 by 12 Comments

#nexus7 i know i shouldn't expect a lot from the speaker, but does everyone else's…

#nexus7 i know i shouldn't expect a lot from the speaker, but does everyone else's sound this bad?

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Nexus 7 Speaker Issue?
Does this sound like the speak is blown or something? Anyone else have their Nexus 7 sound like this?

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12 Responses

  1. my bro's galaxy tab did that. it was a defective speaker.

  2. Bily Foster says:

    Ah okay so this isn't normal, okay i'll contact suppport

  3. Lee Damon says:

    That is what we in the industry call "a blown speaker".  It's toast.

  4. Bily Foster says:

    +Lee Damon i thought so too :D, i've called support and they are working to escalated it to try and get a new Nexus to me. 

  5. Lee Damon says:

    It could also be that someone left a flap of plastic sticking into the speaker but either way, "no user-serviceable parts inside" means it has to go back. Sad. I hope they get a replacement to you quickly!

  6. Bily Foster says:

    Yeah the sound is actually painful at this point 😛 i'm trying to figure out a way to fingale a bluetooth to stereo adapter 😉

  7. you can get a 12$ board if you dont mind a little electronic working

  8. Derrik Pates says:

    I dunno, mine sounds alright. Not great, but not like that. It definitely sounds like something is not good there.

  9. Bily Foster says:

    +Larry Maxwell tell me more! I been known to bust out the soldering iron every once in a while 🙂

  10. ah. there are easier and even cheaper ways. go to ebay and search "bluetooth receiver" the device would be a little box with line out that connects via bluetooth.

    I saw some for ~10$ shipped.

  11. Em Hunter says:

    Mine sounds fine, not at all like yours.

  12. its a defect in amanufacturing

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