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Posted on: July 20th, 2012 by 11 Comments

#nexus7 doesn't have a default notepad app, any suggestions?

#nexus7 doesn't have a default notepad app, any suggestions?

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11 Responses

  1. Evernote – recently updated to support Nexus 7.

  2. Evernote.  Best note app out there.  Color Note is nice if you just need something really simple.

  3. Bily Foster says:

    Oh thanks everyone! I forgot about Evernote, thanks I didn't realize you could write notes in it.

  4. Kashif Riaz says:

    I will go for Evernote as well.

  5. Jason Miller says:

    I like Simple Notepad by mightyfrog. It is exactly what the title states but with some REALLY great extras.  It is one of the few good ones that doesn't request internet access or other excessive permissions. 

  6. Carole Riley says:

    I use Evernote but it might be more than you need if you just want a jotting pad.

  7. John Gurga says:

    A very simple one would be AK Notepad. Been using it since the glory days of G1 lol

  8. Bily Foster says:

    Thanks +John Gurga I'll check it out!

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