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Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by No Comments

Love this! I can't wait to go through it myself :D

Love this! I can't wait to go through it myself 😀

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Watch 15 people trying to unbox the Nexus 7

A little comic relief for those who are still waiting for their pre-orders:
Nexus 7: The Playground is Open – the box? not so much

For many, the most satisfying part of trying a brand new gadget is unboxing it. The highly anticipated Nexus 7 is no exception: but the sturdy box and high-grade tape definitely make it playful – perhaps too challenging!  Watching these videos on YouTube made me smile, so I decided to put them together; shake-n-bake included. Hope it makes you smile too. 🙂

Includes clips originally from +CNET (+Molly Wood), +Phandroid (+Christopher Chavez), +TechnoBuffalo (+Jon Rettinger), +Pocketnow, +Los Angeles Times. By the way, this video is all in good humor.

Did you get your hands on the Nexus 7 yet (finally, for those who pre-ordered)? And how was the unboxing?

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