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Posted on: March 31st, 2012 by 6 Comments

I've got a weird WordPress issue that is driving me batty

If you know anything about custom themes or building plug-ins for WP please let me know.Basicly I've got a function that I'm calling on page a, but when I go to page b for some reason it's still calling it.

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6 Responses

  1. offhand, is page b a copy of page a?

  2. Bily Foster says:

    It is not they are separate templates

  3. it sounds like something that needs someone to examine the code and logic.

  4. Bily Foster says:

    eeeeeenteresting, after being so frustrated with it, i built a new template to move the functions into and it's now working without any 'bleed' even though it's the exact same code 😛

  5. Hey +Bily Foster check out +ConquerWP, he holds hangouts all about wordpress, should be a great resource for you.

  6. Bily Foster says:

    awesome thanks for the heads up!

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