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Posted on: October 27th, 2011 by No Comments

Re:Sharing the Google+ Manifesto

Re:Sharing the Google+ Manifesto

Reshared post from +Peter DeMarco

Google+ Manifesto

I will post what I love.

I will not spell everything correctly. I will start sentences with "And". I will use incorrect grammar. I will write run on sentences and use way more words than necessary to explain myself.

I will post things I am passionate about and things that excite me. I will share creative posts from other users. I will have strong opinions and will frequently change them. I will post half-baked ideas and hopes for the future.

I will do this because the Google+ community is fantastic at helping me form ideas and opinions and even the future.

I will post what I love.

This is who I am.


Originated by +David Shellabarger

Copy to the About section of your profile to become a Signatory of the Manifesto. Credit to David, not me. 🙂

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