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Posted on: October 23rd, 2011 by 12 Comments

Today's Question:

Steve's book is coming out, do I get it on iBooks or Kindle

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12 Responses

  1. Lee Damon says:

    ePub, that way you can read it on any platform.

  2. Bily Foster says:

    Where do you buy an ePub version? I've only purchased via iBooks or Amazon 🙂

  3. Lee Damon says:

    Check the author's web site. If he doesn't have an ePub version, encourage him to do so.

  4. Janet Logan says:

    +Lee Damon – Jobs is dead. Gonna be hard to "encourage him to do so".

  5. Bily Foster says:

    Well technically it's Walter Isaacson book about Steve Jobs it's not Steve Jobs per se.

    And I can't find a website for Walter so I'm assuming I'll have to get it through Apple or Amazon if I want to get it tomorrow.

  6. Janet Logan says:

    +Bily Foster – I'm not sure about the "openness" of the eBook format, but it is available in that format from the publisher:

  7. Bily Foster says:

    Cool thanks Janet, yeah i' not sure if eBook is the same as ePub, Lee do you know can you read ePub in iBooks? I'll have to check tomorrow to see if they have a purchase link at s&s

  8. Lee Damon says:

    iBook can read ePub format, just drag the file icon on top of iTunes. I don't know about a format known as "ebook", that sounds generic to me.

  9. Janet Logan says:

    +Lee Damon eBook is a real format. Technically, the full name is Open eBook. Apparently, it "has been superseded by the EPUB electronic publication standard."

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