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Posted on: October 21st, 2011 by Bily Foster 1 Comment

iPhone 4Steve

Okay, I am gonna try doing a blog post purely with my voice. This’ll save me from getting carpal tunnel, if it works out all right.

So it’s a little strange speaking with punctuation, however it’s what’s necessary in order for to read properly. I’ve never done a blog post purely by talking before, it’s kind interesting.

So while I started dictating the blog post with Siri, I ended up having to correct some things so I’m using the dictation part inside of notes at this point.

But all in all this is working rather well. It’s a whole new way of computing so to speak. I know it’s not really new, voice dictation has been around for a while. It just feel so polish now.

Sure they stole notifications from android or from some hacked version of notification. The point isn’t that they didn’t make it, the point is they implement it. I mean originally Steve Jobs was against having apps, he wanted them all to be web-based.

But then they realized what it could do and the possibilities that it would open and now look where we are today.

Apple products evolve, the magic is in how easy they make it happen for the end-user.

Great companies don’t think just one product to the next, great companies think long term next generation type process and then test, test, test. The parts that work well you implement the parts that don’t work so well you’ll hold off until they do work right and I believe that is what Steve was really good at pinpointing when it was the right time to release this feature.

You know when they sell the iPhone they don’t talk about the processor speed or how much memory aside from storage is on the device, when you look at an android phone they want to push the specs that you and it’s not about the specs it’s about how well the device works.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this is actually my first new iPhone on launch day that I received. My previous iPhone 4 I bought six months after launch. The iPhone before that I actually bought used so I can hack it and put it on T-Mobile. This was the iPhone that had just the right features to make me want to buy one new.

And this long of a post, just goes to show how well this works. One of my first blog post on the iPhone was a long one as well I was just typing away on the screen, then I did the same thing with my iPad.

But now It feels like a whole new way for me to get information into the system so it can be processed it’s going to save my hands and wrists it’s amazing.

So thank you Steve

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