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Posted on: October 21st, 2011 by 8 Comments

Did Herman Cain just offer a coupon for the 9 – 9 – 9 plan?

Did Herman Cain just offer a coupon for the 9 – 9 – 9 plan?

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8 Responses

  1. Im not sure but if you want i can research it for you i dont mind i love learning as well :).hope your doing and appreciate your heart soo much.blessings always my blessed friend 😀

  2. Bily Foster says:

    I just heard on the news that He's tweaking his 9 9 9 plan so that it doesn't hurt the poor and something about MI but I missed it. Sounds like he's offering 'coupons' or loop holes already 😛

    and thank you, it's friday which is ALWAYS a crazy day, lets hope it's fun crazy 😉 I hope you have a great day too cinthia

  3. ty for letting me know the info and your welcome its always a pleasure :). hehe yep hopefully fun crazy :D. ty i appreciate you with all my heart hugs and love to you my blessed friend.dont forget to drink one for me hehe :p

  4. His 999 plan…if you flip it is a 666 plan…That's the devils number and I hope folks will think twice before endorsing…I have to research the details but I already don't like it just from the name itself.

  5. Bily Foster says:

    I still think it's a recycled Godfather's Pizza Marketing campaign 😉

  6. +Bethany Beckham I am sure you are an extremely intelligent woman as you are beautiful; however, turning the numbers around from "999" to "666" merely portrays the inverse of the plan. In my humble opinion, 999 is to Good as 666 is to evil. The bottom line is it is too simple to just demonize a plan by merely "flipping" the numbers. I know you are not as simple minded as "Bachman." Are you? Go to and read the plan for yourself. I would rather hear an academically informed opinion that may be against his plan rather than hear one from the "Redneck Almanac." 🙂

  7. For anyone who is uncertain of Herman's 999 plan. This is just the first part of it. Oh btw, please check out what he calls the Empowerment Zones in the inner cities. This sounds very interesting. There is more to it but this is the first part. Cheers.

    Phase One
    Our current economic crisis calls for bold action to truly stimulate the economy and Renew America back to its greatness. The 9-9-9 Plan gets Washington D.C. out of the business of picking winners and losers, using the tax code to dole out favors, and dividing the country with class warfare. It is fair, simple, transparent and efficient. It taxes everything once and nothing twice. It taxes the broadest possible base at the lowest possible rates. It is neutral with respect to savings and consumption,capital and labor, imports and exports and whether companies pay dividends or retain earnings.

    9% Business Flat Tax
    â—¦Gross income less all purchases from other U.S. located businesses, all capital investment, and net exports.
    â—¦Empowerment Zones will offer deductions for the payroll of those employed in the zone
    9% Individual Flat Tax.
    â—¦Gross income less charitable deductions.
    â—¦Empowerment Zones will offer additional deductions for those living and/or working in the zone.
    9% National Sales Tax.
    â—¦Unlike a state sales tax, which is an add-on tax that increases the price of goods and services, this is a replacement tax. It replaces taxes that are already embedded in selling prices. By replacing higher marginal rates in the production process with lower marginal rates, marginal production costs actually decline, which will lead to prices being the same or lower, not higher.
    Economic Impact
    â—¦According to former Reagan Treasury official Gary Robbins, of Fiscal Associates, the 9-9-9 Plan will expand GDP by $2 trillion, create 6 million new jobs, increase business investment by one third, and increase wages by 10%.
    9-9-9 Plan: Summary
    •Removes all payroll taxes and unites all tax payers
    •Provides the least incentive to evade taxes and the fewest opportunities to do so
    •Lifts a $430 billion dead-weight burden on the economy due to compliance, enforcement, collection, etc…
    •Is fair, simple, efficient, neutral, and transparent
    •Ends nearly all deductions and special interest favors
    •Features zero tax on capital gains and repatriated profits
    •Exports leave our shores without the Business Tax or the Sales Tax embedded in their cost, making them world class competitive. Imports are subject to the same taxation as domestically produced goods, leveling the playing field.
    •Lowest marginal rates on production
    •Kills the Death Tax
    •Allows immediate expensing of business investments
    •Eliminates double taxation of dividends
    •Increases capital formation which aids capital availability for small businesses
    •Increased capital per worker drives productivity and wage growth
    •Features a platform to launch properly structured Empowerment Zones to renew our inner cities
    •The pro-growth, pro-job, pro-export economic policies of the 9-9-9 PLAN equals a strong dollar policy

  8. Your opinion +Johnathan Fitzgerald is duly noted! Thanks for the background information on the 999 plan. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if it is sarcastic.

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