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Posted on: October 18th, 2011 by 17 Comments

Latest addition to the site, feedback always appreciated :)

Latest addition to the site, feedback always appreciated 🙂

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Good Morning Charlie | Bily Foster – Web Design, Support, and Services
Good Morning Charlie, done on the ASUS EEE WinSlate Tablet in SketchBook Pro

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17 Responses

  1. um please dont share things like this with me please read the about me page on my profile ty

  2. Bily Foster says:

    Hey +Cinthia Sutton I hate to say this, because I really do appreciate your feedback but you may want to remove me then from your circles then 🙁 I wasn't doing this to offend anyone, I was simply adding my artwork to my portfolio on my site which is now tied to my G+ and I shared this with the public.

    I also do not personally have time to find out from each person who has circled me what of my artwork they wish to see or not see.

    If you feel it's 'porn' i can respect your feelings but disagree with your assessment and believe that I am perfectly within reason of being in the content policy.

    But I seriously thank you for your feedback, I have been enjoying your comments and hope that you will continue to keep me in your circles, however I am not going to stop putting my art to the public up because you disagree with me about what you feel is appropriate.

  3. Bily Foster says:

    +aditya menon Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  4. Not bad ;), and to be honest, the first thing I thought when I saw this picture was 'these are some cocky b*#@*es" and not a picture of women being demoralized. To each their own.

  5. Bily Foster says:

    Thank you for the feedback Freddy, that was more the goal. I wanted to do a 'Charlie's Angel' type shot of women who are confident, and yes sexy. But my question is, would it have been less offensive if I drew guys in the same manner (which I have done as well)? And if so who is to say that they aren't Twinkie drag queens playing 'Angels'?

    I mean if I had boobs hanging out or some thing I could completely understand. Was I suggestive, most defiantly, is it pornography I don't personally feel it is, but I am one man in a sea of billions.

  6. aditya menon says:

    +Bily Foster It is hard to believe that someone cannot tolerate even a slight amount of 'sexy' is surviving in an open, western society without having seizures every few seconds once they get out on the road or even watch TV.

    There are special regions in the world where such people might enjoy existing – where women are demoralized for real by forcing restrictive and torturous dark clothing in a harsh and hot environment on them. They are also subject to many other rules, which have been called out on multiple websites on the internet, which might appeal to the complainer in this comment stream.

  7. aditya menon says:

    +Bily Foster You say the images are auto-shared? Google+ has an API?! Oh no, how come I never heard of it!

  8. Bily Foster says:

    I just want to make sure there is NO confusion, I appreciate Cinthia's thoughts and opionions. I may not agree but I do hope that she continues to keep me in her circles. I do not want to turn this into bashing someone else's feelings just because they do not agree with me. I do not feel that Ciinthia was tring to tell me what to do, as much as maybe not realizing that I didn't just send it, and direct it to her, when I was sharing with the general public.

  9. Bily Foster says:

    I am pulling what I post from G+ back into my site using a plug-in from and I am using I think it's Publish Sync (a Chrome extension) that shares what I post across Facebook, Twitter and G+

  10. +Bily Foster I interpreted the picture as you did and I had many of the same thoughts you did. I don't look at the picture and see porn. I saw what you did, confident – and yes – sexy women. *Oh no, how horrible* (in case you weren't sure, that was sarcasm).

    If you had drawn the picture with men we wouldn't be having this conversation, something I thought about commenting on the first time, because of all the double standards society has. It's a pity really. I know I posted a couple pictures with men that had their shirts off and no one even blinked.

    I know you appreciate Cinthia's opinion and I am not attacking her. It's her opinion and just as valid as any other opinion. I just wanted to let you know I didn't feel the same way. Like you said it wasn't directed at her but sharing something you enjoy with the general public. Each person will brings his or her own experiences and feeling to artwork, music, life etc and interpret images based on those ideas. On an open medium/network like this one, there is no guaranty everyone will like what you produce.

    BTW I like your diversity of your websites that you've done. It's nice to see you look at each person individually.

  11. aditya menon says:

    +Freddy MacKay Yes, there is good diversity in the work, But of course, that is if you don't agree that Bily has a strong preference for transparent text overlayed on busy backgrounds with images… 😛

  12. Bily Foster says:

    Hey +Freddy MacKay that's a great out look and thank you very much for taking the time to review my work!

    And you are right about how each person brings there own experiences, it's interesting I never thought a conversation would get sparked by something I've done.

    I'm so glad that I'm able to post my stuff online and get responses, this is fun!

  13. Bily its understandable i ll work with you i ll just mute the pics like this.Cause your a great friend and I really dont like to offend my friends noone is perfect or anything but other posts are fine. I can monitor what stays on my stream.I do appreciate you alot i really do i guess no matter what i know i prob have things to my friends dont agree with does not change your heart though.Your talent is not who you are its your heart and i think you have a great heart.So i d like to keep you as a blessed friend i can work with you by muteing a post if it does not agree with me just know its not your heart.Your heart is what i appreciate alot.My real life friends i know there is some things bout me that gets to them as well but friendship is based on hearts and honestly your heart is differ than most men and for that im soo thankful so if its okay to still keep you i d like that.Like i said i can mute posts if its not particular what i like.I hope u can feel my heart sometimes its hard to express it with just words online but that is all i got.Many blessings love appreciation to you always.hope u have a blessed day.

  14. Bily Foster says:

    Hey Cinthia, that's great to hear 🙂 I love getting your input. I'm glad you're keeping me in your circles 😉 >HUGZ<

  15. your welcome and ty.Im honored keeping you.Your a great friend and your my blessing and Im happy to be your friend and honored and appreciate you lots from one friends heart to yours i hope you have a blessed morning

  16. your welcome and ty.Im honored keeping you.Your a great friend and your my blessing and Im happy to be your friend and honored and appreciate you lots from one friends heart to yours i hope you have a blessed morning

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