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Posted on: August 31st, 2011 by Bily Foster No Comments

Posting from the WordPress App on the HP TouchPad

Okay so there happens to be a WordPress App on the HP TouchPad and it appears to work really well.  Except for the editing short comings that are on the TouchPad.  Like the lack of magnifying glass to zero in on your cursor like you have on the iPad.  However the auto correct appears to be working well.

Two of my favorite things about the TouchPad:

  1. The audio feedback during the use and navigation.  The swooshing sound as you push apps off the desktop gives you a sense of satisfaction.  It reminds me of the audio feedback you get on the TiVo system
  2. Numbers on the keyboard.  For the love of all that is holly can we please get an option for a row of numbers on the iPad

This is an image taken with the front facing 1.3 meg camera:

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