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Posted on: August 27th, 2011 by Bily Foster 4 Comments

HP TouchPad How Do I

How do I…

create a bookmark? Go to the top right of your browser. Tap the square box with the arrow pointing to the right. Then choose Add Bookmark.

create a bookmark in my Launcher? Go to the top right of your browser. Tap the square box with the arrow pointing to the right. Tap Add to Launcher. The bookmark is now in FAVORITES of the Launcher.

reorder my bookmarks? Sorry, at this time there is no way to accomplish this.

reorder the list of my email accounts? Sorry, at this time there is no way to accomplish this.

view active downloads? In the top right of your browser there is a Clock/Bookmark icon. Tap it. From there tap the down arrow icon and it will display your active and completed downloads in this current browser’s session.

see the version of webOS I have? Tap Device Info then look for VERSION. It should say something like ‘HP webOS 3.0.0’. To see the build number, just tap anywhere on the VERSION line.

dismiss notifications? Swipe downwards on the notifications area. Then swipe right on the notification you want to get rid of.

restart or shutdown my TouchPad? Tap Device Info then tap Reset Options and tap Restart or Shut Down. Another way to shutdown is to hold down the power button for about 5 seconds, then choose Shut Down.

move cards around or stack them? Place your cards in background mode by either pressing the center button or swiping up from the bottom black bezel onto the screen. Now tap and hold the card. Once the card turns gray you can drag it around your screen. You can place it to the left or right of other cards or even on top of or behind other cards.

stop certain calendar feeds from displaying on my Calendar? At the top of the Calendar app you’ll see multiple calendar feeds listed with different colored boxed above the named calendars. Tap the colored box and it should turn gray with a dash in it. That particular calendar feed is no longer displayed.

read the Pivot magazine in the App Catalog? (Yes, I had trouble with this!) Just swipe right-to-left to start reading. Then swipe across the screen in the manner you’d flip pages in a real magazine.

spell webOS? It’s webOS, not WebOS or Web OS.

spell TouchPad? It’s TouchPad, not Touchpad or Touch Pad.

open a link in a new card? Tap and hold the link you wish to open in a new card. Then choose Open in New Card.

get rid of or add icons to my Launcher Bar? If you already have five app icons on your Luancher Bar, you’ll have to get rid of one before you can add another. Tap and hold the icon you wish to get rid of, once it turns gray just flick it away. Now, open the Launcher then tap and hold the icon you want. Once it turns gray you can drag it into position on the Launcher Bar.

rearrange my downloaded app icons? See directly above for in-depth details. Just tap and hold then drag into position.

adjust the screen brightness? Swipe down from the top-right of the screen where the time is displayed. Then adjust the brightness slider as you see fit.

stop my screen from rotating? Swipe down from the top-right of the screen where the time is displayed. Tap Turn on Rotation Lock.

reset a locked up TouchPad? Press and hold the center button and power button at the same time for up to 10 seconds. The TouchPad should reboot.

change the signature on my outgoing emails? From the Email app swipe down on “Email” in the top left of your screen. Tap Preferences then tap the account you wish to modify the signature of. Then tap inside the SIGNATURE box and type away.

change my wallpaper? Tap Screen & Lock then Change Wallpaper.

take a screenshot? Press and hold the center button and then press the power button. It will make a camera’s shutter sound and a yellow light will flash on the screen.

get root or enter Developer Mode? Tap Just Type at the top of your screen. Type in webos20090606. Tap the Dev Mode Enabler icon, then toggle to ON. You are now in Developer Mode and can enter the fertile fields of homebrew software and patching.

factory reset or default the TouchPad? Tap Device Info then tap Reset Options (in red). Tap Secure Full Erase. You will lose all files stored on the TP! Including your photos, videos, documents, etc. The TP will be wiped clean.

copy a web address / URL? Tap the URL a couple of times to highlight it in yellow. Now, tap once more and you should be able to select Cut, Copy, or Paste.

dismiss the keyboard? Tap anywhere on the screen that is not a text entry field. But don’t tap the keyboard itself. Or, just tap the keyboard dismissal button at the very bottom-right of the screen.

change the size of the keyboard? With the keyboard open tap and hold the keyboard dismissal button at the very bottom-right of the screen. You’ll be able to select XS, S, M, or L.

delete a whole word while typing? On the keyboard tap and hold SHIFT then tap BACKSPACE while still holding SHIFT.

get additional characters on the keyboard? Tap and hold almost any key (e.g. a, z, 1) to get other options as follows:
a: à, á, â, ã, ä, å, æ, ª. Thanks to PrinceAlbert and lagoldste.

find additional TouchPad FAQs? Here’s a good one: Wi-Fi HP TouchPad FAQs

add a non-OpenSearch search engine to Just Type? (Such as Bing or Yahoo.) Just Type Opensearch for every Website (I added Bing to my Just Type and made it the default engine. Works perfectly.)

check for app updates? Tap Software Manager. If there are updates available it will let you know.

check for webOS updates? Tap System Updates. If there are updates available it will let you know.

delete downloaded files? Unfortunately the TouchPad does not include any file management apps. You can go to the App Catalog and download GoAruna Files (free) or Gemini File Manager ($2.99), which will give you file management through the TouchPad. There are free file management apps through Preware (homebrew), as well. Otherwise, you’ll need to connect to the TP via USB and manually delete files through your computer.

find webOS Doctor for my TouchPad? My TP is totally hosed and I need to reload the OS. webOS Internals keeps a detailed listing of webOS Doctors available for your TouchPad: Webos Doctor Versions – WebOS Internals

change the print settings on a HP TouchPad, ie print duplex? It appears that duplex printing is only an option on the TouchPad if the TP detects that your HP printer absolutely supports it. If your printer does not support duplex printing then the option for it will not appear in the print dialog on the TP.

get the free 50 GB of online storage at Box? Just download the app from the App Catalog and launch it. Create your free account and that’s it.

enable Flash app interactive controls in the browser? Double-tap the Flash window. App specific Flash controls will be enabled until you zoom out.

delete photo or video albums? I have not done this myself, but this is a big problem for a lot of people. Please see these two threads for ways to remove albums: How do you delete an Album in the Photo App and [HowTo] Force Remove Album from Photos App

configure my AKO (Army Knowledge Online) email? Thanks to k4ever, we have this guide: AKO Email on Touchpad

undo an action? (for example after having deleted a selected text) At this time there is no undo available in webOS 3.0.0. Hopefully HP will implement this in a later revision of webOS.

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4 Responses

  1. donna says:

    how do I permanently delete “deleted” emails?

  2. Bily Foster says:

    Basically to permanently delete your e-mail your select the actual account, then select trash of that account and from inside the account select the e-mail that you want to delete and hit the trash icon and that will permanently delete your e-mail

  3. moni says:

    How do I remove a bookmark from a website?

  4. Bily Foster says:

    While you are looking at your list of bookmarks, tap and slide the icon left or right and then it will ask if you want to cancel or delete the bookmark.

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